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We believe in the power of the imagination. 

We believe in art reflecting the times we live in. 

We believe we are all in this together. 

Join the club.

We've been waiting for you.


The Cottonwood Club is  a volunteer run, non profit gallery/event/shared studio space in Bozeman Montana.

We proudly provide a safe space to showcase artwork and celebrate in life's absurdity unfettered by judgement and hostility.

Think of this as a haven for the artfully inclined to gather and share in this chaotic creative process. 

We host and present a variety of gallery exhibitions, dance parties, story telling studios, and concerts throughout the year. Please visit out Events Calendar for a more comprehensive list of upcoming events. 

We do not require attendees to be members, but we do encourage membership (and offer incentives)! You can learn all about the member benefits by clicking on Membership.

If you are interested in becoming  volunteer we would love to have you so head on over to our Volunteer page to see how you can get involved behind the scenes!

Low cost studio spaces available!!

We are currently looking to fill four studio spaces at The Cottonwood Club: click on our Studio link for all the necessary deets! 




Founder and President:

Dalton C. Brink 901-219-0717

Co Chairs:

Angela Yonke 269-385-9035



215 S Wallace Basement 2 Bozeman MT 59715



The Cottonwood does not currently keep normal hours. Please call or email to set up an appointment or visit the studios and gallery. 

studio spaces 

Send us an application to secure one of four coveted studio spaces!

We know what it's like to graduate with a fiery passion for art, and nowhere to make it, the frustration of living in a tiny one room apartment that barely fits the necessary living requirements, and the harsh reality of rental costs in this lovely (but pricy) little town...

Which is why we are so happy to offer affordable studio space to local artists, craftsman, and makers. Sure it's underground and a  little rough around the edges, but it's also crazy cheap, collaborative, and adjacent to the Cottonwood Club which means you'll always have free admission to our original events, openings, and parties. Also you'll have some pretty serious bragging rights and that's priceless. 

Studio space in a shared collaborative work space $185/ea

Apply today

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Sure, you could pay admission at the door, or you could flash a shiny membership card and be like, "I'm in the club, no big deal."

Except it is a big deal. Purchasing a membership means you are committed to supporting this (volunteer run, non profit) organization as we continue to inseminate the Bozeman art community with our patented brand of grungy take-no-prisoners creative doctrine. Which makes you an effing hero, and we solute you.

seasonal membership >> Winter, Spring Summer, OR Fall


Are you a seasonal worker who travels in the off season? Or perhaps you just want to see if you can handle one season of awesome Cottonwood events before you commit to an entire year. OR maybe you don't have a fat wad of cash lying around marked for "community art support".

Get yourself a seasonal membership, a shiny membership card, and a little something extra... maybe it's a bumper sticker, or a button that proudly proclaims "Hey world! I love The Cottonwood Club, and I'm not afraid to show it!" Except something more succinct because that's a lot to fit on a button.

yearly membership >> Winter + Spring + Summer + Fall

$90 (10% savings!)

Hey big spender! $90 may not seem like that much, but it is to us. Your'e the reason we keep fighting the good fight and for that we just wanna treat you. 

So we're gonna. You'll definitely be getting that shiny membership card, and piece of thoughtful CW swag, but we also want to extend our undying appreciation. Not enough? Man, you drive a hard bargain... How about 10% savings? Deal.  

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The Cottonwood Club is a labor of love. Bozeman is constantly changing and, while it would be a hell of a lot easier to run this organization in a larger city, we remain 100% committed to maintaining the grungy, honest, forward thinking underbelly of this great town. It is imperative that we support contemporary creatives, particularly as the cost of living rises in the Bozeman area. By offering an accessible and welcoming community that encourages creative expression for people of any age, race, social class, and education, The Cottonwood Club holds steady to the notion that art is universal, vital, and persevering.

If this concept lights a fire under you then we invite you to get involved on the front lines! We understand that getting the best from people means playing to their strengths so please read a little bit about our various volunteer positions and let us know where you think you can do your best work.

Join us.

Board of Advisors

We are always looking for established members of the art community (locally, nationally, and globally) to lend their expertise, guidance, and support in our efforts. If you have some clout or relevant experience (not necessarily in the art world), but can't commit to putting in a great deal of hours with our organization then please consider joining our Board of Advisors. Lending your name, support, and wisdom to this organization is almost as good as gold. If you also want to lay down some gold, that's cool too.  

Development committee

Fundraising, grants, and donors: oh my! We don't love money, but it sure does ease the mind, eh? Non Profits need assistance which means constantly scheming up new ways to ask for money without sounding like a jerk. This is no easy feat as you might imagine. The good new is we are a bunch of creative thinkers with a whole mess of passion between us. It's also nice to have committee members with legitimate grant writing and fundraising experience, so if you have that skill set then please hop on this gravy train you sweet angel! 

Gallery & Events Committee

Events, parties, and shows are the bread and butter of what we do. Pretty much everyone has a hand in putting these intricate assemblies together but it is the lucky few who are tasked with publicizing, promoting, and producing these good times! If your passion and/or experience lies in public relations, marketing, graphic design, social media, event coordination, volunteer coordination, or janitorial services than you have found your tribe. Some jobs have a touch of glamour, some involve pounding the pavement, all are noble and very much appreciated.  


We are honored to be working with Montana State University's School of Art in offering Fall and Spring semester internships. Inquiries should be directed to the School of Art in Cheever Hall. 


We are happy to work with you to find a position that fits into your schedule.

get involved!

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in the beginning there was raw, honest art

The Cottonwood Club was founded in 2008 by Dalton C. Brink shortly after moving to Bozeman from Memphis, TN. Dalton quickly recognized that the Bozeman art scene was sorely in need of a gallery that celebrated work outside of the typical western canon specific to the region. Having grown up surrounded by punk rock and artists' DIY spaces, Dalton was inspired to create a place where those seeking refuge from the ideas and propaganda of the mainstream media could express themselves judged solely on the merit of their work rather than their sexual orientation, political leanings, or religious observances.

The first incarnation of the The Cottonwood Club began in a derelict warehouse on the northeast side of Bozeman. Butting up against the railroad tracks and lacking running water or toilets, The CW sat at the corner of Plum and Cottonwood St. armed with a desire to illicit forward thinking and offer solace to the disenfranchised artists of Bozeman's underground art scene.

Borrowing the moniker of that first beloved street, the Cottonwood Club set out to stimulate a neglected avant grade art force that yearned for exposure, encouragement, and connection. It began it's auspicious maiden voyage into the Bozeman art community with the advent of Bring Your Own Art shows, a tradition that carries on to this day. This unpretentious approach, aimed at emboldening artists of variable skill level and experience, invited anyone and everyone to participate in the space. 

People actually showed. 

Suddenly an entire spectrum of creative expression could be seen scattered helter skelter across the warehouse walls. And in the resulting crowd a growing roar of rallying excitement began to mount. We would be seen, and heard. We would share, and express. We would support one another, no matter what. 


As is sometimes the case, the space changed ownership after only a few months and The Cottonwood Club lost its physicality, if only for a short while. Soon a dilapidated basement of an old granary came to Dalton's attention, and after negotiations with the owner and several months of cleaning, running electricity, water, lighting, and other projects, the new Cottonwood Club opened its doors to the public and has been hosting, presenting, and enlightening ever since. 

Over the years The Cottonwood club has offered a variety of events and shows from The Future is Female, to Let's Dance: a David Bowie Tribute Night. It continues to fuel absolute expression just as it will forevermore honor those persistent cottonwood roots with accessibl BYOA shows and community outreach. 

In January 2015 The Cottonwood Club received Non-Profit status, thereby opening the door to many new opportunities, and in 2016 we acquired the space adjacent to the gallery where we are now excited to offer low cost studio spaces for Bozeman makers, artists, and craftsman. Much is changing as we consider various areas of growth within The CW but our dedication to providing creators with an affordable, collaborative, and supportive environment to contribute their individual perspectives remains the same. Please lend your voice, expertise, wisdom, and enthusiasm to this vital cause by volunteering, sponsoring, donating, and joining the Club!