The Cottonwood Club is a labor of love. Bozeman is constantly changing and, while it would be a hell of a lot easier to run this organization in a larger city, we remain 100% committed to maintaining the grungy, honest, forward thinking underbelly of this great town. It is imperative that we support contemporary creatives, particularly as the cost of living rises in the Bozeman area. By offering an accessible and welcoming community that encourages creative expression for people of any age, race, social class, and education, The Cottonwood Club holds steady to the notion that art is universal, vital, and persevering.

If this concept lights a fire under you then we invite you to get involved on the front lines! We understand that getting the best from people means playing to their strengths so please read a little bit about our various volunteer positions and let us know where you think you can do your best work.

Join us.

Board of Advisors

We are always looking for established members of the art community (locally, nationally, and globally) to lend their expertise, guidance, and support in our efforts. If you have some clout or relevant experience (not necessarily in the art world), but can't commit to putting in a great deal of hours with our organization then please consider joining our Board of Advisors. Lending your name, support, and wisdom to this organization is almost as good as gold. If you also want to lay down some gold, that's cool too.  

Development committee

Fundraising, grants, and donors: oh my! We don't love money, but it sure does ease the mind, eh? Non Profits need assistance which means constantly scheming up new ways to ask for money without sounding like a jerk. This is no easy feat as you might imagine. The good new is we are a bunch of creative thinkers with a whole mess of passion between us. It's also nice to have committee members with legitimate grant writing and fundraising experience, so if you have that skill set then please hop on this gravy train you sweet angel! 

Gallery & Events Committee

Events, parties, and shows are the bread and butter of what we do. Pretty much everyone has a hand in putting these intricate assemblies together but it is the lucky few who are tasked with publicizing, promoting, and producing these good times! If your passion and/or experience lies in public relations, marketing, graphic design, social media, event coordination, volunteer coordination, or janitorial services than you have found your tribe. Some jobs have a touch of glamour, some involve pounding the pavement, all are noble and very much appreciated.  


We are honored to be working with Montana State University's School of Art in offering Fall and Spring semester internships. Inquiries should be directed to the School of Art in Cheever Hall. 


We are happy to work with you to find a position that fits into your schedule.

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