Sure, you could pay admission at the door, or you could flash a shiny membership card and be like, "I'm in the club, no big deal."

Except it is a big deal. Purchasing a membership means you are committed to supporting this (volunteer run, non profit) organization as we continue to inseminate the Bozeman art community with our patented brand of grungy take-no-prisoners creative doctrine. Which makes you an effing hero, and we solute you.

seasonal membership >> Winter, Spring Summer, OR Fall


Are you a seasonal worker who travels in the off season? Or perhaps you just want to see if you can handle one season of awesome Cottonwood events before you commit to an entire year. OR maybe you don't have a fat wad of cash lying around marked for "community art support".

Get yourself a seasonal membership, a shiny membership card, and a little something extra... maybe it's a bumper sticker, or a button that proudly proclaims "Hey world! I love The Cottonwood Club, and I'm not afraid to show it!" Except something more succinct because that's a lot to fit on a button.

yearly membership >> Winter + Spring + Summer + Fall

$90 (10% savings!)

Hey big spender! $90 may not seem like that much, but it is to us. Your'e the reason we keep fighting the good fight and for that we just wanna treat you. 

So we're gonna. You'll definitely be getting that shiny membership card, and piece of thoughtful CW swag, but we also want to extend our undying appreciation. Not enough? Man, you drive a hard bargain... How about 10% savings? Deal.  

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